overheard on STATE STREET


Anonymous said...

Two boys running down the side walk... they are about 10 or 11 years old.

First boy says to the other... you are really tall. You most be above average, are you?

Second boy says - No I don't think so.

First boy says - Well then you MUST be at least average.

*** I think he was at least average too.

Anonymous said...

One of our state reps from East Montpelier, who will remain nameless speaking to a columnist from 7Days who will remain name less:
"I don't understand the big deal about the need for state wide cell service. We lived in Cabot which is about the end of the world and we had no cell service. You konw what we did? We moved. Simple as that." ----ahhh, blissfull, arrogant ignorance. What a life.

Anonymous said...

Montpelierite showing an out-of-town friend our downtown:
"So this is a flower shop (Pink Shutter), and that's Capitol Grounds. And over across the street is Julio's. It's...sort of...like Mexican food."

(Truer words never spoken!)

Anonymous said...

Obviously spoiled eight-year-old girl is admiring a local character's parrot on the bridge. Girl is whining to harried mother.
Girl: Aww...I want a parrot!
Mom: No! You can't have a parrot. I already let you talk me into letting you dye your hair last week.

Anonymous said...

At the Capitol Showplace, waiting for Bruno to start, and one woman says to the other:

"It's really not a good idea to tell everyone in Charlie-O's where your spare key is."

Anonymous said...

Three co-workers, walking down State at noon, trying to decide where to go for lunch.

Woman #1: J Morgans?
Woman #2: J Morgans or Julios.
Woman #3: I don't care.

As for me, I DO care!! These women have limited themselves to choosing between two of the worst restaurants in town!? W.T.F.

Anonymous said...

On a rare 60-degree day in winter, a woman is jogging in a sports bra in front of the Statehouse, and a little girl is walking with her parents on the other side of the street.

"Mom? Why is she wearing a black BRA...?"

Anonymous said...

Group of women in their 40's out at a birthday dinner at Kismet. One stands up to temporarily leave the table, grabs her quads, and says:

"Oh! I feel The Confluence!"