overheard on BARRE STREET


Anonymous said...

Girl 1: "Where ya goin'?"
Girl 2: "I'm going to the washing machine."
Girl 1: "You mean the laundromat?"
Girl 2: "No. The washing machine."

Anonymous said...

2 middle school girls casually walk over to the payphone next to Laund-O-Rama and pick up the receiver. After a few seconds one girl places the receiver back down, turns to her friend and says, "I didn't know those things actually rang."

Anonymous said...

Two dudes (you know the type)

Dude #1
"I am a part-time retired alcoholic."

Dude #2
"I am a part-time retired asshole."

Dude #1
"No man - you are a gainfully employed, full-time professional asshole."